Can't edit Excel Files in Windows Phone 8 after opening in Excel Web App?

When you open your Excel file in Excel Web App and edit it. Then open it in your Windows Phone, you can just view it but can’t edit. This is a bug recently found in Excel 2013. But no worries! As per Microsoft, this is a known issue and they are planning for a fix to it soon. Meanwhile – you can get rid of this problem with a work around.

Actually the problem is because of the file format that is being saved in Excel Web App (EWA). The Web App is adding new part to the file (which shouldn’t be adding) and the phone app doesn’t support this part. So, it then will not allow editing.

Here is a workaround that you can use to allow you to edit the file on your phone.  The workaround is to use the Excel desktop application if you have that available to you.

The workaround is:
1. Open the file in the Excel application from your computer
2. Edit at least one cell and do a Save

You will then be able to edit this file on your phone.

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