routerLink is not working in Angular 5

If the routerLink is not working in your Angular 2/4/5 application, here are some common mistakes and solutions.

  • Check if you have added RouterModule in the imports of Module where you created this component.

For example, if you have created a NavComponent in NavigationModule and imported in your HomeModule and using it. Then you have to import ReportModule in your NavigationModule.

Like –

import { RouterModule } from '@angular/router';
  imports: [
declarations: [NavComponent],
exports: [NavComponent]
export class NavigationModule { }
  • If you have any computations in the routerLink, like appending a value dynamically, enclose routerLink with square brackets
<a [routerLink]="['/car/', carModelName].concat(details)"></a>

Here, carModelName and details can be class variables.
Hope this helps!

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