Windows Phone Day at Hyderabad


As a pre-cursor to Windows Phone Application Development Contest which is to be held on 26th Feb 2012, MUGH is conducting a training event Windows Phone Day which gives a brief introduction to Windows Phone API and kick starting with Windows Phone Applications.
This training event covers following –

  • Why Windows Phone Development? And its scope
  • Overview of Windows Phone API
  • Kick-starting with App Development in Windows Phone

You can register for this event @

09:30 A.M-10:00 A.M Registration
10:00 A.M-11:00 A.M WP Session1
11:00 A.M-11:15 A.M Break
11:15 A.M-12:15 P.M WP Session2
12:15 P.M-01:15 P.M WP Session 3
01:15 P.M-02:00 P.M LUNCH
02:00 P.M-03:00 P.M WP Session 4
03:00 P.M-04:00 P.M WP Session 5
04:00 P.M-04:30 P.M Stump The Speaker

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