New Update Released for Windows Phone – 7.10.8860.142

Microsoft has rolled out new update for Windows Phone 7.
This new update (7.10.8860.142) does not yet have official change log, but live tile fix is confirmed to be there. Also some performance improvements have been said to be present, though I can’t say I have noticed any difference on my Lumia 900.

Windows Phone Update 7.10.8860.142

Following are the fixes rolled out with this update as per unofficial change log ( as per ) –

It is said that this update will remove Google Calendar Sync. But, it is still appearing on my phone after update. Probably, they are revoking the access to Google Contacts for new users, I mean – when a hard reset is done or configure account in Phone for the first time.
One disappointing thing is that this update did not fix the battery draining and data gobbling Live Tile bugs found in the first release of 7.8. They may be fixed in the next release.
This update is found to be rolled out in Europe, Canada and India users as per Twitter and other social networking site status.
Just found an interesting feature which is rolling out in the forth coming release (Update 7.10.8773.98) as per (Official Windows Phone Website) –

 Messaging. Adds new messaging capabilities to your phone. You can now attach multiple pictures, videos, audio notes and ringtones to text messages.

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