Visual Studio 2013 Preview and .NET 4.5.1 Preview Released

Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft has announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 Preview and .NET 4.5.1 Preview at Build Conference today.

Some of the improvements Visual Studio 2013 contains expand on capabilities introduced in the three Visual Studio Updates that are  released since Visual Studio 2012 was launched (including Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 which is released today), while many of them are brand new experiences designed with modern, connected, robust, and high-performance applications as a focal point, which makes the life of developer easy.

Highlights of this release are support for agile portfolio management, cloud-based load testing, a team room integrated with TFS, code comments integration with TFS, and Git support.

First thing that you notice when you open the Visual Studio 2013 for the first time is that  – you can log in to Visual Studio (similar to Office 2013) with a Microsoft Account. This will sync your settings between the devices and connected systems.

Here is a snapshot of the start screen from Visual Studio Blog.

Visual Studio 2013 - Start Screen

Another difference you’ll notice from our last pre-releases is that this one has a trial period that lets you use the product for 14 days without signing in. After the 14 day trial you’ll be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account to continue using the Preview. This is compelled to check how the online services are working when many users logs in. Anyhow, this is not going to be a mandatory one in final version.

Make sure to visit Somasegar’s blog for a look at what’s new in this release of Visual Studio and you can also find additional resources on getting started with Visual Studio 2013 Preview, on MSDN.

By the way, here is the link to Download Visual Studio 2013 Preview and .NET 4.5.1 Preview.

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