Awesome Bookmark Manager from Google

Once upon a time we use to use the word ‘Bookmark’ for a piece of paper or ribbon placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader’s place. But now if someone refers to Bookmark, it is related to browser and bookmarking is the process of storing the link of a website for future reference.

Since their creating, bookmarks became integral part of browsers. So, now Google made them more useful than ever before. Bookmark Manager extension for Chrome makes it easy to organize your bookmarks and have the bookmarks look great at the same time.

In fact, it was developed long back and released as Google Stars which was not made public. Now, Google released it as Bookmark Manager extension for Google Chrome which makes bookmarks more powerful with improved search, bookmarks by topic, and the ability to share them anywhere.

Bookmark Manager Extension

Following are some of the useful features that Bookmark Manager extension offers:

Bookmarks by topic: All of your bookmarks will be organized by topic or you can reorganize them however you like.

One-click save: When you bookmark a page you also have an option to save an image and notes to make bookmarks more helpful.

Share bookmarks: You can make a specific folder of bookmarks public and share the link anywhere you like.

Improved search: Bookmark searching is now enhanced with Google search and looks at a bookmark’s title, snippet, and content.

Bookmark Manager Extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Here is the direct link for it –

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