Sticker.js – js lib for creating Sticker Effect

Sticker.js is a Javascript library that allows you to create a Sticker Effect. Good thing with this libraty is that there is no dependency on any other libraries link jQuery. So, this can be used independently. It is released under MIT License. Inspiration for this project came from
Sanghee Cho’s Heroes Project.

<!-- dom elements -->
<div class="sticker example-1"></div>
<div class="sticker example-2"></div>


.sticker {
width: 180px;
height: 180px;
// add image
.example-1 .sticker-img {
background-image: url(heroes-2.png);
// add color
.example-2 .sticker-img {
background-color: #ff4a85;
// change shadow opacity
.example-2 .sticker-shadow {
opacity: 0.6;


<!-- call sticker js -->

Cool one. Ain’t it? Give it a try!

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