Notes from JSConf EU 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed all the tech talks, demos and predictions on future of javascript technologies in JSConf 2017. This post is notes that I have jotted down from the sessions.
Following sessions are really interesting for JavaScript enthusiasts and I strongly recommend watching them.
JavaScript engines – how do they even?
The session covered niche points like – How JavaScript engines work? Why is JavaScript so fast? What is just-in-time compilation? And continued with basic concepts of compilers, challenges posed by modern JavaScript, and how to write compiler-friendly JavaScript.
A Brief History of Modularity
Modularity is getting popular at a faster rate these days. Many say that “Make it modular”, “It will be better” when referring to Modularity. The session covered very valid points about following modular approach in a rational way with funny examples like unshift npm package.
Parsing JavaScript – better lazy than eager?
This session covered very good points on why developers should care about internals of JavaScript like Parsing and start write parser efficient code. Delved deep into ASTs, Eager and Lazy Loading.
Slides Here
Points from other Sessions:

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