Who is Pranav?

For the few who want to know more about me…

I’m a technology enthusiast and loves to experiment cutting edge features. Passionate about Evangelism, Technical Communities and Presentations. Basically a Software Engineer, working for a US product based company. “My work is my hobby/my hobby is my work” – so you can find me almost at any time near a computer. If I’m not there (usually during weekends) it’s most likely that I spend my time with my family or reading books.

I like to code in VB and can speak C#, PHP, Python and Java. My current realms include Windows Phone 7 Programming, Windows Azure and VSTO.

Adores the lines…

“When it rains, all the birds fly towards the shelter. But eagle alone avoids the rain by flying above the clouds. Problem is common to all, but ATTITUDE makes the difference”

Suggestions and comments are welcome. Please drop them here or feel free to spam my GMail using pranav(dot)py.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading this patiently 😉

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