150+ Free Ebooks from Microsoft

If you want to glean some insights into what’s hot right now and on top of people’s minds, it’s Office 365, Office 2013, Windows 8 (and app development for it), and SharePoint 2013. When you compare that list to the rest in the top 50, you see lots of interest in these topics, plus Windows Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Virtualization and Windows Phone, just to name a few. So, are you up to speed on these hot topics? If not, why not grab some FREE eBooks and get going?

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TechEd India 2012 – Live Streaming

TechEd India 2012

Catch TechEd Online!

Unable to make it to the tech event of the year?

Do not worry! We’ve got you covered with TechEd Live!

Get a real-time experience of the hottest action at TechEd India 2012-live streaming of keynote addresses, demos, technical tracks and more-right where you are.

A must see for all, including developers and administrators. Learn about new and exciting developments in Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Visual Studio 2011, Windows 8 and other cutting-edge technologies.

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For the first time, TechEd Live unveils a cool new channel for tech enthusiasts, students and hobbyists. It covers the latest platforms and technologies that Microsoft is working on.

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Microsoft PDC10 Live Stream

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) has been the epicenter of Microsoft’s biggest platform announcements. Leading-edge developers and architects gather to hear about the next generation of Microsoft developer technologies – this year will be no exception. PDC isn’t only about content and sessions – it’s an opportunity for you to talk with and have your questions answered by the people who work with the technologies and who can help you plan the features and architecture to support your business goals.


You can register for the event using the following link.



AGENDA: http://www.virtualtechdays.com/pdc10/agenda.aspx


Date: 29 October, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM – 06:30 PM IST (GMT+5:30)


This year, Microsoft-India would be hosting live the Keynote of PDC10 at 4 Microsoft Campuses – Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad & Mumbai. These invite-only events will be attended by 10-15 Microsoft Executives and Technology Evangelists, and 20-25 Community and Industry Influencers at each location.

Got an Invitation from Microsoft to attend the event today at 7.30 PM at Microsot IDC, Hyderabad. The schedule of that event is as follows.

Timing Agenda Presenter
07:30pm-08:00pm Onsite Registration
08:00pm-09:00pm Networking Dinner
09:00pm-09:30pm Event Introduction & Welcome Note IDC Exec
09:30pm-11:30pm PDC10 Keynote LIVE (Streamed from PDC10 – Redmond, USA) Steve Ballmer
Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft Corporation


800704a6 Error while opening JavaScript driven pages in IE8 – Work arounds

In my project, there is a WebBrowser Control in a form. It opens a webpage dynamically which in-turn opens an IE popup using Window.Open() during OnLoad and this window closes after opening the popup.
This is the functionality and it worked fine since last 8 months with IE6 and and IE7. But, now when I am doing the same with IE8 on Windows XP, I got a JS Error and that MessageBox showed me the error as:

Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: Could not complete the operation due to error 800704a6.

As usual, started googling about the topic and found some interesting links. Here is a consolidated work-arounds for the problem from various sources.
First of all, it really matters what mode you are in. In IE8, there are 3 (THREE) modes.

  • IE5 Quirks – your page has no doctype, page renders like IE5 did
  • IE 7 Standards Mode – you have a doctype, but either opted out of IE8 standards mode, or are running on localhost, or in “Compatibility Mode”
  • IE 8 Standards Mode – you have a doctype, and are on the INTRANET (default mode)

Now, if you are rendering in IE5/IE7 mode, then Nothing changes except that there will be a few methods added that shouldn’t interfere with your page.
However, if like the majority, you are running with a doctype set, and thus in IE8 Standards mode, the following changes have occurred.

  1. document.getElementById( id ); //now only returns the CORRECT matches!
  2. .getElementsByName( name ); //now only returns the CORRECT matches!
  3. .getAttribute( name ); //returns the CORRECT value for the given attribute!
  4. .setAttribute( name, value ); //actually SETS the name/value CORRECTLY (no more cAmElCaSe crud)!
  5. CSS Expressions are NO LONGER allowed (deprecated)
  6. Operation Aborted errors will still be thrown (in some cases) however the cases are fewer, and the error won’t kill the entire page/DOM
  7. The attributes[] array on elements should (from the RC build onwards) be correct in terms of contents, have a length, etc.
  8. Button elements now submit the contents of the value attribute, NOT the HTML contents of the Button Tag

There has also been a bunch of CSS 2.1 fixes, so things that rendered weird before, or needed hacks, should be much better. (see below for details on alpha/transparency – there’s been big changes)
See the IE Blog for details.
Also see Web Bug Track for fine grained details on Bugs, Fixes for IE8 (and all other browsers)
SVG, rounded corners, ECMAScript based Event Listeners, Better Form Element design/events etc. are still missing.
A quick work-around is as follows. (If the problem is with security settings, we can get an instant solution by setting up the following values)
Go to Tools-> Internet Options-> Security and click on ‘Custom Level…’ (in the Security level for this zone group)
Under the Miscellaneous section:
Use Pop-up Blocker (disable)
Under the Scripting section:
Active Scripting (enable)
Allow status bar updates via script (enable)
Allow Websites to Prompt for infomation… (Enable)
Enable XSS filter (Enable)
Under the section User Authentication:
Logon (Anonymous logon)
Or else we can try by unchecking the Enable Protected Mode from the following window.
Menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Internet -> Enable Protected Mode (Uncheck it)
If you are aware of any other work-arounds please let us know by posting in the comments section.
Hope this helps.
Thank you!

Community Tech Days in Hyderabad

Community Tech Days - Hyderabad

Good to see that the dates for the Community Tech Days have been confirmed.
It’s now set for 24th January at Microsoft IDC in Hyderabad.
The event has a great line up of sessions and speakers, and its a nice opportunity for developers and IT Pros to know about the enhancements in Microsoft technologies right from Microsoft and other experts too.
This event is FREE of cost. You can register for the In-Person Event here.
If it is not possible for you to come the the venue, don’t worry… there is a LIVE  of the Event. You can view the sessions right from your work station. Here is the link to register for Online Event.
I’d recommend the event, especially if you want to get up to speed on enhancements in Microsoft and .NET related.

More details @ www.communitytechdays.com

Extended Online Support for VSTO Developers

Happy to tell you that Microsoft has recently revamped the VSTO online learning center. The site provides information and knowledge about VSTO and how to use it to develop Excel, Word and Outlook solutions and also how to deploy the solutions. From my point of view it’s welcoming as I know that many developers are interested in VSTO but lack the basic information and knowledge about VSTO. Considerably, there are very less resources on VSTO on the Internet too. Hope this helps the programmers who are enthusiastic to work with VSTO.
The startpage is available at Office Development with Visual Studio.
The Excel section can be accessed directly via Outlook Solutions with Visual Studio
Perhaps these pages can make VSTO more understandable (and also get a better reputation) in the Excel Development Community? After all, knowledge is the key to all new areas.